Annual Registration Fee: 

$25.00 for one child $50.00 family


  • Contact us for Tuition rates.
  • Tuition is due the first class of each month, payments received after the 10th of each month will be assessed a $10.00 late fee.
  • Tuition should be put in the tuition box.  If you are paying with cash, please put it in a cash envelope (checks do not need an envelope).  If you have any questions on how to calculate your tuition, feel free to ask Miss Lin after class or e-mail Miss Lin.
  • Tuition remains the same whether it is a long or a short month, and regardless of absences or holidays.  Make-up classes are encouraged.  Please schedule these make-up classes with the office.  Make-up classes need to be completed within 30 days of missed class.
  • No credit will be given for any reason.  If the student attends class at least one time in a given month, or has not been formally withdrawn from the class, the full month tuition will be due.  You must inform Turning Pointe in writing that you are formally withdrawing a student from a class.
  • If tuition is 30 days past due, the student will be withdrawn from the class.  The student will be allowed to attend Turning Pointe once tuition is paid in full and a $25.00 renewal registration fee is paid.  The dancer will be evaluated for proper class placement at that time.
  • A $35.00 service charge will be assessed for all returned checks.
  • All accounts paid after May 10, 2019 must be paid in cash.   June tuition (2 weeks) is due with May tuition by May 10, 2019.
  • Turning Pointe reserves the right to withdraw or change classes, instructors or schedules; to revise tuition and fee structures, and to amend its policies and practices as necessary.


Holidays (studio closed)

Spring Break week - March 17 - 24

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day


Thanksgiving Weekend - November 21-25

Christmas Break - December 23 – January 6

Good Friday

There will be no credit given for holidays, please schedule a make-up class for missed classes. 


Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.  Please make every effort to have your child at every class and on time.  If your child is tardy, they should knock before entering and ask permission to participate. A proper warm-up is imperative to prevent injury.   Whether or not your dancer can participate will be at the teacher’s discretion.  Progress depends on regular and consistent participation.

Dance Etiquette

Turning Pointe dancers are expected to show respect to Turning Pointe’s instructors as well as other dancers while participating with any activity that involves Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying.

Dress Attire and Hair

Please see the Classes Page for specific details on appropriate dress attire and hair style for each class.

Hurricane Policy

Turning Pointe will be holding classes if the studio is safe, has power and the teachers are available to teach classes. Please call or check online prior to coming to class, there will be a message on the Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. website stating whether Turning Pointe is open.

~Social Media Policy~

Teachers and faculty of Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. are advised not to accept requests or private messages from current students and/or parents via social media. We believe that social media interaction can be misinterpreted too easily.  It is our policy, at Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. to have all studio related questions and concerns discussed, in person, at the studio to avoid any such misinterpretations. If you need to speak with Miss Lin, or any of the other teachers, please email the studio at misslin@turningpointeofmelbourne.com or call (321) 254-2340 to schedule a meeting. You may have to leave a message, as most of the time we are unable to answer the phone due to class instruction. If the issue is minor, you may speak with the appropriate person between classes.

Parent Involvement

Parents are asked not to go into the studio while class is in progress.  Instruction will come from teachers only.  Please inform the director of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of your child or the safety of others.   Parents will help their dancer understand the importance of following Turning Pointe rules.  Please view the rules posted on the studio two door and make your dancer aware of them.  Please arrive to class on time and pick-up on time.  Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. is not responsible for students left in the lobby.  Please instruct your children not to leave the lobby until you arrive to pick them up.   Please supervise your dancer’s siblings.  Turning Pointe is not responsible for siblings in the lobby.

Lost or Stolen Items

Turning Pointe is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

 Liability Waiver


Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. provides excellent instruction and care of your student.  We do however provide this training at the exclusive risk of the participants.  Your registration indicates your complete understanding and acceptance of this liability waiver, as well as agreement to all of Turning Pointe’s policies.  This registration constitutes a contractual agreement for tuition from June 18, 2018 through July 31, 2019.  This agreement may be terminated with written notice.  Turning Pointe of Melbourne, Inc. reserves the right to use all photos and/or videos for promotional purposes.